Dream Job

“We’ve put a school on 436b,” said The Sup. “We need teachers.”
I raised my hand. 
“Newhart, you really think you can teach Shakespeare to a colony of Dwarlacks on the twilight side of a frozen planet?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Then pack your bags and catch the six-o’clock. You’re an American hero, Newhart.”
“Thank you, sir. One question, sir.”
“The final test, sir. What is the protocol?”
“No test.”
“No test? How shall I assess progress?”
“How about you don’t let the little cretins eat you the first day?”
I saluted, “Sounds like a dream job, sir.” I said.


18 thoughts on “Dream Job

  1. “don’t let them eat you” seems like a good lesson for any teacher, but in this case I fear a more literal interpretation. Love the teacher’s attitude; good stuff all round.


  2. So the Dwarlacks are no different from any other bunch of high school kids – if your’e still standing you’re making progress. Do I sound like I’ve been there? Love the story.


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