Make School Practical: Teach a Trade!

If I could learn a trade I would learn something that everyone needs–like how to build a car from scratch or how to fly a jet airliner or how to cook nutritious food for a starving person. If our schools taught everyone to master a single skill instead of making generalists of everyone our society would run much more smoothly. I could cut your hair or give you a pedicure and you could snake my toilet. Instead our education system produces do-nothings who can read and write okay, but they don’t know which way to turn a screw! I mean when was the last time you called a “reader” to come over and read you something? Never!

If I Had a Hammer


One thought on “Make School Practical: Teach a Trade!

  1. Reading and writing is great, but there are many skills that kids will need in the future that they’re not taught. Sadly, many kids aren’t taught these skills by their parents anymore.


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