Falun Gong

I’ve recently taken up Falun Gong. I don’t know what it is, but based on what I’ve seen of people practicing in the park you fight the air in extreme slow-motion. At school I practice on the stage in the quad during lunch and I’ve attracted quite a few observers. Unfortunately I can’t speak to people while I am practicing so Principal Grunk yelled at me because I will not answer his questions. Some students practice beside me, mirroring me, and others take Snapchat videos or yell jokes or silly questions such as, “Are you retarded?” “No! I am not retarded!” I want to say, but can’t because I am practicing. Yesterday it started to rain in the middle of my practice and a small Chinese girl walked over and held a red umbrella over me while I practiced. She asked if I was doing Falun Dafa and I stopped and said “I think so”. She told me that her father was in prison in China for practicing Falun Dafa and that officials had removed one of his kidneys to give to a wealthy Chinese businessman. I said that I knew exactly how he felt because people were yelling mean things at me and hurting my feelings. She walked me to class and cried for me. This made me recommit to Falun Gong (or Dafa?) and now I do it in class, too, while the students are reading.


One thought on “Falun Gong

  1. Google told me that you can say both. What happened to your student’s father is very sad and happened to too many others.
    Do you feel spiritually elevated thanks to the practice?


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