I love texting! It is the perfect communication because every statement is a kind of command–no questioning looks or frowns or eye-rolls–though they do have emoticons for that now. If someone sends me a text that I don’t want to hear I simply ignore it and it is almost as if it never happened! Lauren texts that she needs my body–well I hear and respond instantly, but then sometimes she texts that she wants “to talk”–and those I don’t always notice. When Charlie the Dog texts that he’s coming over with beer to play ping-pong I’ll clear my schedule, but when he needs to borrow $20.00 for gas I can jump in the car and park around the corner! Texting is great for school, too. Sometimes I’ll project a literature conversation with the entire class onto the large screen–nobody talks, only flurries of deep-thinking texts! Today we discussed Huck Finn:
“hck finnz my dog”
“you da dog”
“wanna co and ‘paint my fence’ fo an apple?”
“dats tom syer, btch”
“$much fo a smokin’ apple?”
“10 a bag fo greenist apples!”
“I’ll paint yr freakin’ fence, fool!”

It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text World


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