Star Power

I told my students to make a movie about a heroic figure and offered myself as a subject. They interviewed me and followed me around for a day with cellphones. They recorded me spending 60 minutes worrying over a single essay. I spoke eloquently about my philosophy of teaching (don’t over-plan, stay in the moment, keep the focus on the moment to moment miracle of learning). I walked them through the teacher’s lounge, but we were thrown out because that crowd can’t go for a minute without uttering some disturbed vulgarity. I cried about my ruinous marriage to a Thai transgender beauty queen and then shed a single tear about the small-minded test-obsessed conventionality that passes for education in our public schools. I then tearfully and with rising indignation confessed my fantasy of leading a mob of angry torch-bearing students to the district office to demand a school without walls–a YouTube school– where I, the Super-teacher lectured against a background of spiraling galaxies, broadcast in multiple languages to a billion students world-wide! The movie has been up for three days and already I have 50 hits and 14 Likes on YouTube! The Revolution has begun!
The Show Must Go On


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