Another Life Changing Classroom Activity!

Today I had my students write their own obituaries to help them think about their life goals. I told them that when formulating their dreams they should always reach for the stars, but also to remember that nobody in history has ever reached a star. Trey countered that he wanted to win the Mars One reality TV show and settle Mars with a bunch of hotties. I reminded him that he needed to be hot himself in order to qualify for that show. Emily said that thinking about her own death brought a heavy wave of depression, and she got an early dismissal. “Lay on the floor, eat ice cream and watch Netflix,” I told her–my personal cure. Ashleigh said that she thinks about her own death every moment of every day and even visualizes bizarre detailed accidents for herself. I grabbed her tiny shoulder and told her that this was a healthy way to stay anchored in the moment and that she was probably a natural Buddhist. She smiled meekly, thankful, I’m sure, for the advice.

In Loving Memory


5 thoughts on “Another Life Changing Classroom Activity!

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  3. Sometimes I read you writing and I think. “Did Larry really tell them that?” It’s plausible when I consider the crap I say to my seventh graders sometime. I’ve even “told on myself” a few times.


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