Close Call

Today the Principal came to watch my class and I got nervous because I had forgotten to make a lesson plan and was hoping to binge on Korean Soap Operas on Netflix. Mr. Grunk watched us watch half an episode of Cruel City and I grew more nervous so I stopped the video and asked the class, “Can somebody now tell us how this documentary relates to Hamlet?” The class became very quiet so I started calling on people, but nobody could come up with anything. Mr. Grunk wrote furiously on his yellow pad and I started to sweat.

Finally I said, “Your answer to this question is worth a thousand points and will determine your final grade!” Mr. Grunk raised an eyebrow.

Then Lily T said, “They are both movies…?”

“Good,” I said. “Except Cruel City is a television series and Hamlet was originally a play, I think.”

Another long silence filled the room and my heart pounded.

Finally, Jacob said, “One interesting thing is that Hamlet killed the king and last year the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, executed a number of officials in his own cabinet for watching Soap Operas.”

“That!” I said. “Was EXACTLY the answer I was looking for!” Then I looked at Mr. Grunk, but he looked away, shook his head and left the room.

I gave Jacob an A, made some popcorn and resumed the movie. Close call!

Fight or Flight


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