Bad Prom

At prom last year a bunch of teachers took LSD and disappeared into the night. Actually it wasn’t a bunch of teachers–it was just me (I had thought a marching platoon of teachers were hunting me through the streets, but it turned out not to be people at all!) Somehow I made it downtown, crashing two other proms and a black-tie wedding party during the course of my panic-stricken jog/sprint intervals. Some people say drugs are bad and they are right. It was wrong of me to journey beyond the limits of everyday consciousness and try to expand my imaginative potential and learn something profound about myself during a school night, especially while supervising children. I should have waited until I was free and clear of responsibility–like the time I took a double dose of mescaline at a national educational technology convention in Vegas. But then I got locked in my hotel bathroom for three hours and, well, I almost didn’t make it back from that one.

Use It or Lose It


3 thoughts on “Bad Prom

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