Walls of Fame

I put large poster portraits of great men of History and Literature on the walls of my classroom: Ernest Hemingway, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare. These men changed the world! Of course, I also have an equal number of great women who changed the world: Maria Sharapanova, Miley Cyrus, Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian. My goal is that someday my old mug will hang on classroom walls or perhaps the walls of a virtual classroom because my vision is to tear down walls and replace our outmoded Education model with a completely new idea, an idea where everyone is a giant in his or her own mind. My posters remind me that revolutionary reform is inevitable and that my efforts to end Education as we know it will triumph!

Wall to Wall


2 thoughts on “Walls of Fame

  1. I wish you much success in having a such positive impact on our world that someone someday makes a poster of you to hang on a wall. 🙂
    Why is it that I recognize all the “great men” you list, but I barely recognize your “women who changed the world”? In fact I’ve never heard of Megan Fox. Clue me in.
    I believe the second & fourth one are performers living right now, so I doubt they’ve done that much to improve the world. (Mind you, we don’t have a TV so they’ve had no impact at all on my life.) Marylin Monroe & Judy Garland were famous in their day, but they did nothing to change the world, either — since Idol worship is neither a change nor an improvement in our world.
    Pardon me for quibbling, but how about presenting someone more historical who actually accomplished something, like Marie Curie or Florence Nightingale? Ann Frank, even.

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