Inky Love

For Valentine’s Day we played “I’ll show you my tattoo if you show me yours” with the kids. I revealed the blue Bozo-the-Clown mess around my navel and Teresa pulled up her shirt and showed everyone her clean new tramp-stamp. Sean had a very detailed Cyclops (complete with blood spraying from his shattered eyeball/nipple) on his breast, and we all took guesses about what the mysterious Chinese characters hidden under Maddie’s blue hair meant. Then we took pictures and posted them on Instagram to show our pride. Tattoos demonstrate commitment, sensuality, loyalty, risk-taking and a fearless celebration that life is suffering. These are the same virtues that make a successful student so I gave extra-credit to anyone with ink. Brie stabbed herself in the thigh with a pen for the points, but I gave her only half credit because it didn’t look like anything but a long gash.

Cupid’s Arrow


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