Ode To School

In my day I was a dashing young poet with a feather in my hat, but now that I have a real job I am too busy to write much. Still I woke this morning inspired to write an Ode to School. Then I struggled with whether I should write an Ode in the style of Pindar or Horace, or an irregular ode. I settled on the irregular ode because I am an irregular person and because the rhyme scheme fit my subject matter:

Ode to School
I love school more than I love anything
Learning is the best and when I think of school
I want to stand on a stage and sing,
Which most people don’t realize is really cool.
Now I am a teacher which makes me the boss
The students are my friends but not my slaves;
They used to be slaves, but I freed them
Like Jesus freed our souls on the cross…
And now in class they sit and behave
While I remind them to use a condom!

Cupid’s Arrow


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