Fairy Dust

Chalk. That is the smell I remember from my childhood. The magic white dust that floated across shafts of light through our little red one-room schoolhouse, where a legendary old gran with stiff hair named Miss Jenkins ruled like a pharoah at the front of the class, scribbling quotations from Huck and Jim or Abe and Ben, or carving algebraic equations onto the black slate—clack, clack, clack as she stabbed the board with the white sticks. And I sat in the back melting in the August heat with my giant ear muffs and knit cap and dark sunglasses and goofy hangdog sneer, tripping on psilocybin or LSD or mescaline, and knowing with absolute certainty that one day I would be that Old Gran riding roughshod over Darkhearted Youth, leading the charge against ignorance, and that her rotting corpse would in some very real sense (real at the time, it doesn’t actually make sense without the drugs) be me. Chalk dust brings me back to my original self–a broken child, confused and alone, ready to accept any suggestion and make a life of it.

Chalk dust is the trigger for the gun in my mind.

The Transporter


5 thoughts on “Fairy Dust

    • Hi Liz,
      Thank you for the note. This was my first time submitting to the flash fiction site and I understand why the link to the prompt appears weak. I write a fiction blog and viewed your photo prompt on Wednesday, then wrote several posts–some inspired by the picture, some inspired by the daily prompt or other things–always about school. My stories are always inspired by the prompts rather than direct addresses to them–hope that works.


  1. Dear Larry,

    I, too, question your link to Friday Fictioneers. One of the things I request is that the photo prompt be included in the post so that we know it has some link ( no matter how weak) to it. I rarely used the prompt as an illustration and I’m often asked how my story relates to the photo. As I’ve said numerous times, if it doesn’t relate to Friday Fictioneers I will pull the link. Our rules are few so I don’t feel out of line asking people to adhere to them.

    Thank you and shalom,


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