“You’re a Godsend, a Savior.”

“You’re a godsend, a savior.”
“No. I’m just the postman.”

-A Blind Woman to Kevin Costner in “The Postman”(1997)

I have a lot of favorite movies. Basically every movie that I see is my favorite. Recently I saw a great movie called The Postman. I didn’t really understand the plot but there was one line that zapped me like a thunderbolt (see above for quote). It made me realize that everyone feels like a god sent to save the world, not just me. I also realized that postmen are actually people with feelings and lives and not just little robots that roam our neighborhood on a preprogrammed route.

The next time a student tells me that I saved his or her life I’ll have a ready answer: “No. I’m just a teacher!” Tomorrow I’m going to have all of my students write an essay about how they feel about me, so I hope to get to use that line sooner than later!

Silver Screen


2 thoughts on ““You’re a Godsend, a Savior.”

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