Shinning a Light of Truth on the World!

I write my blog to shine a light, a big bright light on the Truth about Education. Sometimes my light is harsh and I blind people with the Truth. Sometimes I run out of batteries and my light dims and then I am actively spreading darkness across the face of the earth. But then I think, even darkness is a kind of light because people and ideas can bump into each other and actually meet for the first time. “Hi there, Idea-that-I-would-never-consider-if-I-could-see-you-coming-but-now-must-think-about-because-you’re-standing-on-my-toes!” One time I fell head over heels in love with a new idea that had been hiding in the darkness: “Potato chips”–that was the idea that came to me and I absolutely had to have some–so I confiscated Chloe W.’s potato chips because she was “making a mess” and then I ate them for lunch. That is an example of an idea swooping out of the darkness and taking hold of me.

I also love to read other blogs, but I don’t remember any of them. Sometimes people talk about their horrible lives and I find that entertaining because it is like they are shining a light on the darkness. When people talk about how good things are I get bored because it is as if they are shining a light on another light and I can’t see it. Besides, who wants to hear about how great things are for you? I want to hear you struggle and stumble through the darkness that is this world.
Morton’s Fork


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