My Mentor: Robin Williams

Let me tell you about the man who is responsible for me becoming a teacher. His name is Robin Williams and he was an actor who played a teacher in the movie Dead Poet’s Society. He wasn’t a real teacher and he didn’t work at a real school and his entire story was piece of fiction, but nevertheless, he was the greatest teacher I ever had. He was a motivational giant who understood what inspired kids and he was a champion of poetry written by dead people. In school I never connected with any of my teachers. I was the boy who sat in the back thinking about sex and unable to focus on any subject. I received straight Fs through high school, but in college I miraculously got laid a few times and realized that I would need a job to pay for a place to live and a car so that I could continue to get laid. I thought about being a drug dealer or perhaps a person that washes cars for tips, but then I saw Dead Poet’s Society and decided to become a teacher. I learned how to read Sparknotes and purchased many excellent essays. I watched the movie 500 times, studying Mr. Williams’ character and presentational style in the classroom. I would practice teaching various poems in front of the mirror, setting up stuffed animals as my students and rehearsing a hundred different looks: from stern disappointment to tearful joy. Finally, I took my subject matter test and God placed two brilliant students with extremely legible handwriting on either side of me, and in that moment I knew that I had chosen well and that teaching children was my true calling. Thank you, Robin Williams. Feel free to add me and my career to your long list of accomplishments!
Teacher’s Pet


One thought on “My Mentor: Robin Williams

  1. Whatever gets you there. What a wonderful story. Pity Robin never knew what an impact he had on the lives of others. That was not the only time he played a teacher, either. I think he had something special in him, some connection to kids.


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