Left Behind

Every teacher knows that one of the best classroom games is trash-bin basketball where you toss a wadded up piece of notebook paper into the trash bin by the door. It is incredibly fun and I could play this game all day for the rest of my life. I wanted Brady S. to play because he never does anything, but every time I pitched him the paper “ball” he wouldn’t raise his hands and the thing would bounce off his face. I said, “Brady, you’ve got to catch it and then throw it!” And I kept whipping it harder and harder at him to teach him to protect himself–I just wanted him to raise his hands!— but he never moved and the ball kept hitting him in the face. Then we had the fire alarm (see separate story) and I ran to the football field. The VP noticed that Brady was missing so I walked back for him. He was sitting in his seat holding all of the paper-balls in his arms. He carried them around all day. After school I checked his file and sure enough Brady has a traumatic brain injury that messes with his gross motor skills. So once again a classroom game helped me discover something new about a student!


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