Fire Alarm!

Did you ever the pull the fire-alarm at school to get out of a test or create a distraction so that you could commit some dastardly deed? Everyone has. Today was my turn. I had seven parents show up unannounced during my third period. The principal had given them permission to observe my class for some reason and neglected to warn me. Well, this was a bad day because my lesson plan for that period was “Free Time”. Kids today are over-scheduled and I wanted to take a nap in my back office. When the parents showed up I panicked, ran through the back door, slinked along the side of the courtyard to avoid the reach of the video camera on the roof and hid in the staff bathroom. After the tardy bell rang and the halls were clear I found a broom in the janitor’s closet, inched to a corner and used the broom handle to reach around and lift the red handle. Another video camera is trained directly on the alarm, but the guard watching the monitor would only see a broom handle entering the frame and punching the alarm. The next moment the school was “on fire” and I was free to saunter back to class and march the kids to the football field for a wasted period. Crisis averted!
Burning Down the House


2 thoughts on “Fire Alarm!

  1. Larry, you are using the same tactic that someone is employing against the New England Patriots. Last night, the alarms in the teams hotel were rung 3 times. Could be a former student of yours?


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