I invented a word today: “Plearning”. Plearning is learning while we play and have fun. Plearning is the way children learn. Four year-olds don’t study vocab lists, write essays or take multiple choice exams. No. Four year-olds learn by playing around with their tongues, experimenting with language. They learn about the human body by playing doctor. They learn about world history by playing war, and they learn about the textures and intricacies of various cuisines by playing with their food. Four year-olds are master plearners. So when and why did we all stop playing and start “working hard” and “trying our best?” Answer: school. School replaced learning through play with learning through torture. And that is why children don’t learn in school. As a teacher I want my students to be playing all the time–plearning all the time. I don’t give “homework”. I give playtime. For example, last week we plearned The Odyssey. I made Terrence S. Odysseus and it was the job of the rest of the class (The Suitors) to prevent Odysseus from reaching his home before midnight. A few girls kidnapped him after school and he disappeared. Unfortunately, I forgot to notify Terrence’s family and they kind of freaked out. The police found him around 2am passed out in Liam’s Uncle’s jacuzzi. I tried to explain to Terrence’s mother that we don’t learn about drinking too much alcohol from reading it in a book, but the next day she transferred him to a private Catholic school anyway. We all plearned from that one.
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