Fairytale Not!

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who wanted to divorce her prince for financial reasons. She said, “You are married to your job, which makes us little money and causes us to live a sad and miserable life in a tiny apartment with no hope”. The prince who loved his princess and his family more than life itself said: “Teaching public school is not a job–it is a calling–and I need you to understand that I am living my dream!” The princess replied that we all have dreams and that sometimes when two dreams collide one of them breaks. The prince thought the princess looked enticing in that moment and suggested that they have sex against the end-table as a way of fusing their hearts and dreams, but the princess snorted, jumped into her car and drove to her mothers. Then, after kicking over the end-table, the prince sat on the couch, ate ice-cream and watched infomercials until he fell asleep.
Once Upon a Time


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