Inspire or Expire!

When you are a teacher every day is another day that you can say, “Nothing matters, my work is meaningless, public education is in the hands of tyrants and idiots, fools and monsters. Or you can say: I’m here for the children! I’m going to change one life today! I’m not going to make a lot of money, but retirement is for old people and I’ll never be old–not in my soul! It is a question of courage. And every day I choose to be a great hero and slay Ignorance. Every day I wake someone up, kick someone’s ass, rip out a black, rotting heart and replace it with passion and love! Like today. I found a girl crying in the bushes because her boyfriend cheated on her. I climbed into the bushes with her and said: “Hannah, Everybody cheats! Men are jerks! It is in our DNA to sleep around and disperse our seed! Life is not a Disney movie! If Finn had stayed loyal to you he would be betraying his own masculine nature, and you would secretly hate him for his weakness! Now go ace your classes, get into a good college, find a job where you make a ton of money and wait for the hard-partying Finn to come crawling on his knees back to the door of your corner office! Dedicate your life to becoming his boss so that you may exact your revenge! You must find your inner Medea, plot with patience, and murder his dreams and ambitions. This is your single purpose in life!
Hannah charged out of the bushes and sprinted around the corner without uttering a word.
And so I demonstrated that every day we have choice: expire or inspire! I choose the latter!
Enough Is Enough


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