Lament for the End of Teaching

I can see the future and teachers will be gone in ten years. School will be twenty-four hours of kids googling things they want to know. They will be self-directed and self-graded and self-inspired. They will earn PHDs from their bedrooms by the age of twelve. They will find internships, produce original research, build online communities. Public school teachers will die sad and forgotten. Nobody will miss the tardy policy, the pop quiz, the pledge of allegiance, Trigonometry or the bathroom pass. Our classrooms will disappear into the vegetation—abandoned ruins, homes for wild animals and street urchins. The only thing that will hold us together will be the Friday Football game or the Senior Prom.

Enough Is Enough


4 thoughts on “Lament for the End of Teaching

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  2. I agree. It is wrong that we expect kids to endure all the complexities and frustrations of life in the public sphere. If they are happy at home learning from a computer (and where I can keep an eye on them!!!) then they should just stay here and keep away from the big mess that is life.


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