Trivia Crack Part 2

So once word got out that Trivia Crack was not my thing, the entire class challenged me to a game because everybody wanted an opportunity to beat the great teacher. I did not let this occur. Instead I wrote every single student a detention for using their phone without permission. Vice Principle L came down to tell me that that there was a rumor circulating in the office that I had invited the students to use their phones and that I wrote the detentions only after they started beating me in Trivia Crack. I said that this was true, but that I was embarrassed about losing to children and that I am a very competitive person who does not handle failure well. He said that I couldn’t assign detentions merely because I felt fragile and wanted to change my policy and that I should think hard about having an open cellphone policy because many other teachers have been complaining that their kids were texting me during their classes.

I told the VP that teachers have always and will always fear change, but that cellphones are The Future and kids are The Future and I wasn’t going to be stuck in The Past by silencing them. Then VP L said that maybe if I spent a little more time in The Past I might be better at Trivia Crack. I acknowledged that this was true, but that poor Trivia Crack performance was a price I was willing to pay for living in The Now. Then he said that he was confused about what my policy actually was and I said that the cellphone policy, like Education itself, was a Work in Progress. He said that he didn’t know what that means and that I needed a consistent policy that everyone could follow. I said that since he was putting me in a tight corner I had no choice but to allow for cellphone use in every situation except challenging me to Trivia Crack.

VP L stood there a long time without speaking, shook his head and walked away.

And that, rookie teachers out there, is how you handle micro-managing administrators.


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