Trivia Crack

T challenged me to Trivia Crack, which is an Internet game that you play on your phone. I am not a trivia wizard because I find trivia trivial and prefer to read deep and challenging texts that feed my soul. Trivia is for people who know a lot in their head, but not in their heart. If you are good at trivia you probably have autism or at least are on the spectrum, as they say. Anyway, this particular child was in need of a boost of self-confidence after I had ripped her essay to pieces (literally, I ripped her essay to pieces as a joke in front of the whole class because I thought she had another copy and I was feeling dramatic: “This is HORRIBLE!” I yelled and ripped it into thin strips)…Anyway, the next day she challenged me to a Trivia Crack duel in front of the class and I reluctantly accepted. Mistake. T is an encyclopedia of useless information. I, on the other hand, have purged dates and names of things from mind in order to make room for wisdom. She trounced me three times in a row–the class enjoyed this–until I pretended that my phone went dead. I gave her a polite golf clap and gentle smirk, wishing her good luck in finding a career that values memorizing random facts.


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