My Smartphone Revolution!

Smartphones have revolutionized education! They are smart… and we can learn from them… and we can learn through them… by using them to communicate more directly. I can send a group text or a group email to my entire class while they are sitting in front of me! So instead of fighting with technology I am adopting and adapting! I no longer speak directly to my students while they play Trivia Crack on their phones. Now I simply sit at my desk and text instructions over and over again to them. I have restricted all classroom communications to texts and emails (I will not answer them in person) and use my phone for everything. The students find this extremely annoying and try to shout me down, but I simply yell out in a robotic voice that I cannot hear them unless they are talking through my screen. A few students have begged me to look up at them and listen to a personal complaint or question or give permission to use the restroom, but I have yet to make an exception because a good teacher should always be stern and consistent when retraining student behavior. Bad habits do not break themselves!


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