The Learning Orb

I woke up last night with an incredible idea that will help kids learn. The idea came fully formed as if from God and here it is:

Imagine a ball of light that I can remove from my head and fill with ideas, and then imagine that I release that ball of light toward my students and that it travels, floating in slow motion across a classroom and explodes into the chests of shocked students. The light is, of course, a trick–a hologram or a projection that I program ahead of time. What I am providing here is a tangible visualization for students so that they can see themselves ingesting knowledge. I fill the light with ideas–perhaps I speak into it and the light changes color as my explanation of Freudian theory or Semiotics grows more impassioned and dramatic. The light begins to throb red and divide into thirty-six smaller throbbing lights, each swirling toward his target student! The light splashes against his or her chest and the target falls into his chair–changed forever. I will call it The Learning Orb.

All I need are people who know how to do it! How about you?

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