Harvard Law Review vs. Middle School

Yesterday a colleague pissed me off, which is hard to do because I’m a pretty happy-go-lucky person generally. A bunch of English teachers were in a meeting–does that sound like the beginning of a joke? (a bunch of English teachers were in a meeting and in walked a verb, but nobody did anything about it…get it?…That’s English teacher nerd humor). Anyway, we were in a meeting and L was talking about a former student of hers who is now editing the Harvard Law Review, which apparently is a big deal in some circles and she said, “She wanted to be a middle school teacher and I talked her out of it. Imagine a girl with that talent teaching middle school?” And I said, “What the hell do you mean?” And she said, “Well, I know teaching is a good job, but she was way up here {holding her hand above our heads} and she would never have been happy doing this.” Well, I got quiet because I was in shock that anyone could think that editing the Harvard Law Review was harder or took more talent than teaching middle school. I challenge anyone to step into a room with 30 middle-schoolers and try to teach them anything. They are all maniacs and idiots! Miss Harvard Law Review would get run out in five minutes. Now I ask you: would you care if the Harvard Law Review stopped publishing tomorrow? I wouldn’t. Who even reads it? Boring lawyers who are ruining the world with their ambition and dumb opinions. But if a kid had to sit in a middle school classroom for one day without a teacher, parents would storm the school!


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